With a passion for storytelling and writing, some of my more personal projects are based on actual experience and true stories. This is in no way connected to the business, but in many ways sharing "true stories, real experience and knowledge" are similaries throughout what I do - both private, how I work with my partners and in all my professional work. 


Publised by Cappelen Damm Publishing for the Norwegian market*. 

Drawing experience from my professional career in the IT/Telecom sector, a male dominated industry, I share personal stories of how my pregnancy and motherhood influenced my work, my own mindset and the mindset of collegues. 

Defining my version of a Supermamma, the book has a humouristic angle in both texts and illustrations, and will hopefully bring "smiles and nods of recognition"  to the reader. 

*SOLD OUT. Only available online

"My Father's Story"

Some stories are too good not to share or to be forgotten. Sharing stories is a big part of our learning. 


In 1959 a young man left Malaysia to seek a better life; walking and hitch hiking across India, the Middle East and Europe. Entering the UK, he joined the Royal Air Force. This 19 year old poor Malaysian/ Indian Catholic boy who grew up in a Muslim country under British rule (Colony) was my father. He met my mother at a party in London, an only child from Askim in Norway. 


These stories told by my father and written down by myself. I am no journalist, so I write from the heart as I have interpreted these events.