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With international experience building teams and creating an environment focused on working towards goals, I thrive contributing at a strategic level as well as personal goal setting and coaching. 


With a Master in Business & Marketing (MBM), specialising in Entrepreneurship and Advanced Communication Skills, I am an experienced business builder, communicator, facilitator, public speaker, and team player.  As a strategic advisor I have lead processes and projects in branding, marketing, creating efficient work processes, workshop facilitation, leadership training and strategic implementing etc.


In higher management positions in the IT/Telecoms sector I understood early how technology can change the dynamics in an industry, a market, a work process and how we communicate. Understanding the impact of the GIG Economy and Social Commerce, I have built sales teams across Europe.  Partnered with an innovative global leader implementing disruptive AI technology in the beauty and wellness industry, being ahead of global trends. This has given me valuable experience in leading teams online and offline, developing the leadership skills tuned for future leadership expectations in diversified teams – Inclusive leadership.


As well as offering services within my range of experience, I have a passion for "walking the talk" when it comes to what each individual can contribute to in an inclusive environment. I pay the highest attention to the team culture and the leadership I advocate and teach. Diversity and perspective are strengths that will enable a team, or a business to find their uniqueness and thrive in their market. 


My multicultural background has been a benefit to those who work with me, and in my own career. Born in London of Norwegian and Indian/Malaysian parents, I was raised in a multicultural environment. Having moved to the countryside in Norway as a child I now live in the suburbs of Oslo with my family.


I consider myself an adventurous and active soul. Having travelled the world's continents; experiencing different cultures and communicating with people at all levels in life, enjoying the company of people who are nothing like me - I aim to stay humble to other people’s life experience and knowledge, and always have something new to learn.



My goal is to inspire others and leave personal positive footprints. 

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